Melissa Ciardullo
The best personal week I ever took was with then strangers, Tony Speirs Andrea Kahland and Antje. I was supposed to go to a music festival, but went to Portugal instead. Tony took my yoga practice to another level. This retreat is for only a few people and attracts the best people. If you want to feel comfortable, be extremely active, eat delicious healthy vegan food, be amongst other travellers and improve and practice the best yoga (Ashtanga), then this is the place!! Tony can also teach you about how he built his off the grid home and how to make a wicked hummus – I still make that once a week. Thanks!! Provided I have my hand mixer. Although it can’t be repeated, it would be nice to have a reunion yoga retreat.
Review by Anna Nabraczky from Ingolstadt, Germany

“I spent one very relaxing week at Tony’s place. His Quinta has a beautiful setup, and has a nice flair and ensures a very calm environment. I had the luck of having beautiful warm sunny days at the beginning of October. It’s just priceless to have your morning drink on the veranda while the sun shines on your face. I had the pleasure to meet a British girl for a few days and share this little ‘island of piece’ and the learning bits of ashtanga with her. Then in the second half of my stay I had the luxury to be the only student in Tony’s ashtanga class. He is a rigorous teacher making sure that one also understands the detailed alignment needs for the correct practice and is open to discuss any questions or doubts. I learned so much from him and having spent a week in Tabua changed my practice a lot. I am thankful for all the curiosity, advice, patience and care&support of Tony. I got so much more than what I expected… and hope I can come back soon.”

Review by Teresa Coimbra from London, England

“I have been practising yoga for just over a year and had never been on a retreat so consider myself new to yoga. I felt like I learnt lots from Tony in a short time, especially alignments and corrections which I feel are really important. It was great to have a small class so that everyone could have attention. Tony also helped with some ideas and suggestions to improve my self practice when I return home. The setting is beautiful and quiet and the stone cottage remains cool so you have a good sleep at night. The food was lovely and tasty and I have learnt some new and healthier options which I will put into practice. Overall, I felt like I had relaxed but that I had also worked hard on improvements and I don’t think you can ask for much more than that. It was my first retreat but definitely won’t be my last.”

Review by Charlotte from Copenhagen, Denmark

“So glad that I decided to stay at the retreat at Tabua, Portugal. First of all I loved the place itself – the autencity and the rural environment. As a beginner with yoga I enjoyed the the privilege of all the attention from the teacher as his classes are small. The difference in my body after my stay was quite remarkable. Also the wonderful natural food has been an eye opener for me. I highly recommend the retreat, if you are looking for somerhing autentic.”

Review by Chloe Mozingo from Stuttgart, Germany

“My yoga retreat experience in Portugal was amazing! Having already attended multiple advanced yoga trainings, I was still able to learn several things from Tony in a very short period of time. Not only is Tony an awesome yoga teacher, but he is a wonderful person. Tony and his retreats are extremely flexible. He really made the effort to show our small group around the local area, such as taking us to an amazing Roman ruins amphitheater. Also his vegetarian cooking is second to none. I would highly recommend a retreat with Tony. My only regret was not staying long enough!”

Review by Hazel

“I have done yoga in the past but I would class myself as a novice. Tony, the teacher was extremely knowledgeable kind and patience. I cannot call myself an expert in yoga but Tony facilitated my learning. I lost weight and body feels more lean in just one week. The retreat is peaceful clean the food was excellent, all organic fresh and cooked daily. Tony made me feel at ease and I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone either embarking on their yoga journey or to experienced yoga individuals.”

Review by Andrea Kahland from Frankfurt, Germany

“This is certainly a place I can highly recommend! Very small yoga-classes with lots of adjustments and personal training. A lovely atmosphere and environment, great food and comfortable accommodation. I had a great time and I am definitely coming back for another yoga retreat. Tony is a very experienced teacher with a lovely character and has a good sense of humor. A must to go place!”

Review by Niels Wagenaar from Alkmaar, The Netherlands

“The retreat was fine. Tony is a teacher with a lot of experience and has a strong view on how the Ashtanga practice should be carried out. In accordance with the old tradition of straight back and in flow with the breathing we worked on the polishing of my practice. I was the only student this week and had the full attention. In the morning we had a two hour session in which we practiced the primary series. In the afternoon two hours of more mellow practice with breathing technique and yoga philosophy. The location is fantastic, beautiful panoramic view on the surrounding hills with forestry and small villages. The retreat is equipped with sustainable energy and authentic water well. The food Tony prepared is vegetarian and mainly from local suppliers. I really enjoyed the quiet week and had the opportunity to relax and take some distance from the normal patron.”