Eating at the Yoga Retreat

Nutrition is the understanding of the body’s requirements and the sources that provide what is needed.

There are many different ideas about nutrition. So in selecting what range of foods should be provided we needed to decide what principles should be applied. One of the main guiding principles was that the foods are as unprocessed as possible, from the production of the seed, through the growing and harvesting to the distribution and eventual preparation for eating. Another principle is to use organic produce, locally grown and in season. It is hoped that as much as possible will be grown here at the Quinta da Figueirinha yoga centre, though this is still a work in progress. The preparation of the meals is based on whole food and macrobiotic principles. This is exciting fusion-cooking that will appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike. .

“The preparation of suitable foods into delicious meals is the art or alchemy of transforming base ingredients into gold. For me this a chance to put into practice all the things that are dear to me. For many years I have had an interest in food and through personal experience, working on an organic farm, running a whole food shop and vegan bakery, importing whole foods into Portugal and studying nutrition, I have evolved a style of cooking that is based on sound nutritional values and produces delicious meals. In practice this starts in the garden, selecting the best varieties, preparing the soil and growing based on organic principles. The bases I use for the preparation and content of meals is basic whole food cookery with a macrobiotic influence.”

At Quinta da Figueirinha we are working towards being largely self-sufficient for organic vegetables, fruits, beans and salad. In the meantime, we source fresh supplies from the plentiful, locally grown produce which flourishs in the temperate climate enjoyed year round. We have our own water mine for fresh water.